This Old Farmhouse Gets A Fresh Coat of Paint


I know we live in the country, and our house is set back pretty far off a dirt road, so curb appeal isn’t a huge issue. It’s not like people are constantly driving by judging us on our peeling house and barren, desert-like landscape, so I had come to terms with  waiting a year or so to have the house painted. BUT then the best thing happened. Brian and his dad were out working on the farm and a couple of guys with a paint company based out of Wichita drove by and stopped to ask if they had anything that needed painting! Ummmm….yes, as a matter of fact we do! Talk about perfect timing. If they hadn’t driven by when they did, our house would still be shedding paint like dandruff.

Here’s what the house looked like when we moved in.

IMG_1438Then the painters showed up to power wash. The same day we hired them, I might add. (They weren’t messing around.)  The house needed a good scrubbing for sure, but things were looking a little scary after they were finished. I’m pretty sure you could see that peeling paint from space.

052As you can see, if it wasn’t already obvious, the house has metal siding.054I was glad the house got a much-needed scrubbing. It was grosssss…and understandably so, it does sit outside 24/7  after all. The power wash knocked off about 30 hornets/wasps nests, a bunch of old birds nests, and probably a lot of other things that I’d rather not know about. Ick.

057Brian and I bought some mulch and edging to put down around some spots along the house a couple of months ago. We just haven’t had a good day where we were both free to get it put down. Luckily our procrastination worked for the best because the power wash left a whole mess of paint chips all around the house…and it’s still there. Funny how the wind blows all the things you don’t want blowing around, but the things you do want to blow away stay put forever.  Now we are REALLY motivated to get our mulch laid down around the house.

067I was so excited to see the painters pull up the next day. We went with the same bright white as before. Kind of boring, I know, but they caught me so off-guard with wanting to paint the house right away, that I didn’t even have time to consider paint colors. Now things are looking so fresh and clean!

The next day after everything had dried and we had a chance to really take a look at the finished product, the painters called to see if there were any spots that needed an extra coat or special attention. We had noticed a couple of spots that didn’t get sprayed as well as others. They sent someone out asap and he touched-up the spots that day. I admit I was a little leery of hiring someone driving around looking for work, but they quoted us a fair price and gave us great service. We would definitely use them again!


068062Landscaping is definitely next on our list. Though we don’t really have a solid plan yet. Landscaping is NOT my strong suite, I’m terrible at keeping plants alive.

Here’s my to-do list:

  • paint the exterior
  • add landscaping
  • trim back trees
  • replace screen doors (front and back)
  • replace porch lights
  • add patio furniture to side porch
  • beef up the front porch (chunkier posts maybe??)
  • remove that old porch light from the back of the house by the window (there used to be a door there)
  • get rid of old satellite dish
  • clean out garage

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