Inspirado: Bathroom

I’m finally able to focus my attention on our first floor bathroom. I’ve started in there a little bit already, but we hit some plumbing snags and had a little trouble removing the old vanity while we had our floors done. (More on that later) So now that I’m able to really dive in, I’ve been collecting some much-needed inspiration.

This is our main bathroom, and it’s also right off the entry way, so guests use it frequently too. It’s tricky designing a bathroom that has to appeal to so many people. It houses our only shower, so this bathroom gets a lot of use. It needs to be gender neutral, kid friendly, adult friendly, guest friendly, as well as serving as our main area for getting ready in the mornings. I want it to feel clean and bright. I want it to be relaxing, but also a little whimsical for kiddos. I know, I know, I’m asking a lot of one bathroom.

Here’s a few ideas I’m throwing around:

1ed89d0c0091fb5cbe05c052f3ad028eI love this serene aqua and bright white together. It’s relaxing…spa-like, if you will. I like that it’s not too girly or masculine, or too grown up or childish.

e513c8b69ce9a47724980b79ac8d68f0LOVE these medium, horizontal stripes. Our bathroom is long and hallway-like, I feel an accent wall could add some interest and break up the monotony a little bit.

97d5d826ea65cfbc8f756d302cd3a916I’ve pretty much made up mind on using hooks instead of a towel bar. I think it looks nicer without being too fussy. It also accommodates more towels than a single towel bar would. (I love, love, love this wallpaper! I need to find a room for it.)

inspirado bath1. Threshold Bamboo Rattan Bath Mat, 2. Whale Soap Dish, 3. Blue Octopus Print, 4. Threshold Herringbone Bath Towel, 5. Sedona Hamper

Here are a few things I’m using/want to use. You can see there is a little bit of beach theme. I want to keep it sophisticated, but add some fun things in for kiddos, like the octopus pics and whale soap dish, without going overboard.


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