One Project Leads To Another: Bathroom Part II

Things are really coming along in the bathroom. I actually feel like I can breathe again. My to-do list in here was starting to suffocate me! Last week I left off talking about skim-coating the wall where we had to remove the mirror and vanity. It turned out really well and now I am ready to take down the existing light fixture over the sink and replace it with a shiny new one.

Like I mentioned last week, we decided to go ahead and replace the light because we needed to see where the light box fit into the wall and whether or not it was centered. We are centering our sink/vanity based on the light so it’s important that the light is centered as well. (otherwise it would be a complete waste of my very precious time) Luckily the old light fixture came down really easily.

IMG_0408And we were VERY happy to see that the box and wiring were already centered! (huge sigh of relief) Of course, we could have moved it if we needed to, but that would have been a whole other project to add to my already long list of projects in this little space. All I had to do to prep for the new light fixture was to clean the dust and grime off the wall and sand down where paint has collected around the old fixture throughout the years. Easy peasy.

IMG_0410Yet again, we headed to Lowe’s to pick out a new light. I knew I wanted to find another wall-mounted fixture to keep things simple. I also knew I wanted brushed nickel to match our other finishes and I wanted two to three bulbs. There were several options, but I really wasn’t finding anything I liked for the price they were asking. I ended up with this Portfolio light. It was simple and classic and I love that you can choose your own shades to cover the light. Of course the shades I got aren’t on the website any longer, but the ones I chose are clear bubble glass and they were only $3 a pop on clearance. So with my shades and light, I spent $40, not too shabby considering the other options were $70+ and not my style at all.

IMG_0420IMG_0411The fixture was really simple to install. I recruited the hubby to help me on this one though, it’s just easier with two people to hang a light. He turned off the breaker to the bathroom and I screwed the mounting plate to the wall, being careful that I got it nice and level. Then we just attached our wires together and secured the light to the mounting plate. The whole thing took about twenty minutes start to finish. That includes the time it took me to scour the house for decorative light bulbs….of which, I had none. (womp. womp.) So please excuse this regular bulb I used to test the light and make sure we had it wired correctly.

IMG_0421All I had to do to attach the shades was unscrew this plastic piece, add the shade, and the then screw the piece back on up towards the top. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

IMG_0448IMG_0450 I just added some decorative chandelier bulbs to dress them up a little bit.

IMG_0447Now….If you’re thinking, ‘why didn’t she paint the wall behind the light before attaching the new one?’, that would be a very good question. I’m afraid I don’t know the answer, it certainly would’ve been easier.IMG_0451Luckily thanks to some paint tape, it all worked out okay. After painting over where I skim-coated the wall, you would never know there was a mirror glued to the wall there. (Sorry for the terrible pics, that pesky window does crazy things to my camera.) You can see things are looking a lot lighter and brighter in here. The color I chose is called Sparkling Lake by Valspar and it changes depending on the time of day and lighting in here. It ranges from a light aqua (like in this pic) to a minty green. I’m really loving it with our gray floors and white trim and vanity.  Don’t worry that wall to the right is NOT staying green. It’s getting something extra special (which if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen!).



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