Summertime On The Farm

We’ve been here at the farm for a few months now and I’m starting to feel at home. This summer has been so nice, I’m trying to get Hollis and myself outside whenever possible. Of course, the mosquitos and heat keep us inside some days, but when we can, we like to venture outdoors. It’s nice to take a breather from reno projects and watch the little one explore and discover things outside of her comfort zone.

Most of our outings involve a walk, usually in the morning while its cooler. The scenery just can’t be beat. It’s so peaceful and quiet where we live, it’s rare to encounter anyone other than a cow or occasional toad.  Although, we encountered our first snake…large snake…and I only locked us in the house for two days afterwards. There would be pics if I were able to maneuver my camera while screaming hysterically and running inside.

10177227_886923488185_3513490473638027722_n0710140910bphoto 1-007IMG_20140710_092747Hollis loves being outside. It’s so fun to see how curious and excited she gets over a blade of grass, or a tiny flower (weed), or the ant that found its way onto our blanket. Part of me wishes she was still my tiny baby, but I’m really enjoying these moments of discovery and learning. She is turning into such an awesome little person.

IMG_0247Collage 2014-06-14 07_50_250719141023aWe also try to sneak away occasionally and visit dad while he’s working his buns off at the farm. Some days riding the combine or tractor with him is the only time we get to see him. Luckily they have extra seats in them for wives and kiddos! (I’m sure that’s what they’re for).


10295665_906355451375_1575999447595346941_nThanks to our garden, I’m up to  my  eyeballs in tomatoes and potatoes…and nothing else. You can’t have too much fresh salsa and marinara sauce, right? Hopefully next year we will get our act together and plan our garden out better. We kind of dropped the ball with moving and everything. I love the fresh veggies that I have and would love to have more  here at home since the grocery store is so far away. I’ve even been picking mulberries to make my own jam. (hasn’t happened yet, but they are sitting in my freezer waiting for me).

Collage 2014-07-08 22_24_49IMG_20140717_163953So far my first Summer on the farm, and Hollis’ first Summer ever, have been a big success! Back to exploring we go.


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