Do These Stripes Make Me Look Fat…

Just kidding, don’t answer that!

I’m not usually one for accent walls, but lately I’ve been obsessed with them. Like Pinteresting (yep, I just made that a verb) into the wee hours sifting through some good, some bad and then some really fabulous accent walls. I think when done in the right space, they can be a really great design feature. It can be a really cheap, easy way to add interest to a room. And if you end up hating it, it’s just one wall…paint over that bad boy.

I tried to refrain from going too crazy on my first accent wall. I considered the laundry room for my first try, but let’s be honest, I’m the only one who goes in there so I’d be the only one appreciating it. (boring)  I decided the bathroom would be a good candidate. It’s long and narrow, very hallway-like, so I thought an accent wall might break it up a little and make the bathroom a little more interesting. People can enjoy it while they spend some time in there….(I’m trying really hard not to make a #2 reference here)

Moving on.

To get started,  I covered up the last of the green with white, the same white as our trim to be exact. (Sherwin-Williams Snowbound) I’m just using the wall color and trim color for my stripes so things don’t get too crazy in here. I really like the subtle contrast of the white and pale aqua.


After I got three full coats on the wall, that green was tricky to cover and I didn’t use a primer (rookie mistake). I then started to measure from the ceiling to the base board. I divided that number until I got an even number for the width of my stripes. I didn’t want to start with a 4″ stripe at the baseboard and end up with a 1″ stripe at the ceiling. My magic number was 4 1/2″ and my white stripe started at the base board and ended at the ceiling. This might not matter to most people, but I wanted it that way so that I wouldn’t have to be super careful or tape off the baseboard or ceiling while painting. I try to make things easy on myself whenever possible. I used a sharpie to make little tic marks every 4 1/2″.


Then I grabbed my trusty straight-edge and level and connected all my tic marks to get a nice straight line. Stripes are easy, but they are not very forgiving. I knew if I had a crooked stripe it would be very noticeable and drive me insane.


After all of my lines were drawn (lightly), I could get a clear visual of  the thickness and straightness of my lines. I wanted to make sure I liked them before I took the time to tape everything off. Luckily I really liked the medium size and was ready to fully commit.


I dreaded taping everything off, but honestly, it was really simple and straight forward. Once I got into a rhythm, it didn’t take long at all. I mean it’s just one wall…doing the whole room would’ve been a different story. Having the lines drawn on to follow made it very easy and helped me feel confidant that they would be nice and  straight.

Once everything was taped, I started the fun part of painting! I used two coats, then let it dry for a full day before taking the tape off. I’m not sure that was 100% necessary, but I wanted to make sure it was fully dry before I continued to the next step. After that I peeled the tape off and taped it off again the opposite way so that I could go back over the base color (white) to get an extra crisp line. At first I didn’t really think this step was necessary, but it made a huge difference in getting a nice clean, straight line.


Not going to lie, peeling  all the tape off was my favorite part. While I peeled all the tape off, I made note of any spots that needed touch-ups. There were a few, but nothing I couldn’t fix with a small paintbrush.



I added a little decor, mostly stuff from the guest bath in our last house. It’s funny how the same decor you’ve been staring at for years can look new and different in a new space. I tried to keep it simple, I don’t like clutter in my bathroom….or anywhere else for that matter.



At the last-minute, I decided to hang our old shower curtain (please excuse the wrinkles, it’s been buried in a tote for 5 months) in front of the shower. It’s purely for decoration since we have shower doors, BUT the shower is so unfortunate looking  that I felt like I should hide it until we get around to gutting it. It didn’t bother me so much before, but now that the rest of the room is done, it stuck out like a sore thumb.


And just for fun, here’s couple side by side shots…
Farm House-001

Farm House

So there you have it. I’m calling this one done…for now. That shower is still big on the to-do list. It’s definitely feeling a lot more like our style in here though.


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