Inspirado: Entry Way

What’s the one room in our house that everyone sees and is always a mess??…

The entry way.

I’m about to start on our entry way and I’ve been thinking of our wants and needs before I get started. Of course I have dreams of our entry way being grand and beautiful. So beautiful that people can’t help but ooooh and ahhhh as they enter our home. But let’s be honest, it’s just a hallway that serves as a catch-all for shoes, coats, keys, etc. How fabulous.

Living on a farm has turned me into one of those shoe nazis. You know the ones that make you take your shoes off at the door? Annoying I know, but dirty boots have a whole new meaning now that they not only include mud and dirt, but cow feces….yeah. Think about that for a minute. Do you want people walking through your house with boots that they used to walk through cow pastures with?! AND add an adorable 10 month old that crawls from point A to point B all day long who has her hands and knees all over that floor…(shudder).

Okay…I don’t really make everyone take their shoes off (I’d like to). But I do ask that my hubby and anyone else with cow poo on their boots take them off before walking in the living room or play room. I figured if I ask this of people, then I need to provide a place to sit in the entry way to take off said boots like a chair or bench. We also need some storage for shoes and coats, because I know if I don’t they will just end up cluttering the floor or kitchen table. Here’s  a few spaces that are inspiring me right now…





I just love how pretty these entry ways all look, but at the same time, they still look practical and lived-in.  I also really like all of the clever, non-fussy storage solutions! Any other shoe police out there? Any tips on entry way storage?



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