Excuse me while I ball my eyes out…

one year pics project

I no longer have an infant…I have a toddler. A walking, dancing, jibber-jabbering toddler.

It’s funny. I can remember every detail about the day my daughter was born, every emotion, every feeling, every nurse, every doctor,  every detail of the hospital rooms I was in. But when I look at my, now one year old, I find it so hard to picture how tiny and helpless and…quiet she used to be. Thank God for photos.

Hollis has changed so much in a year, yet she is so much the same. Her clever, funny, curious, determined personality is still so apparent. Now she has an impressive list of skills to add to her resume. She grows more and more independent and I cherish every cuddle and hug I can get out of her because I know how quickly these days go by.

I don’t know if she truly understands what a birthday is, but she undoubtedly enjoyed time with family, opening presents, balloons, and of course cake.

Thanks for making our lives a whole lot brighter, my darling girl. Happy first birthday!








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