To Finish or Not To Finish…

I have FINALLY started on miss Hollis’ bedroom. The poor kid has had no room to call her own since we moved, oh….six(ish) months ago! I have had an idea of the direction I want it to head in, but I don’t have all the details worked out just yet. I bought my paint (pink!) and went ahead and got started covering up the paneling.

Whilst spending all this time in her room painting, I began to notice a very unpleasant smell.  Once I noticed it, I couldn’t stop noticing it! This is the only room in the house that didn’t have “newer” carpet in. (And by “newer” I mean less than 30 years.) So I knew the carpet was going to need a good cleaning…or like a hundred good cleanings.


I got about half the room painted, then I just couldn’t take it anymore. The carpet had to go. Right now. I dropped my paint roller and grabbed a pair of vice grips to pull up a corner. I was really scared at what I would uncover under the grossness, but was pleasantly surprised at how easily the old carpet and pad both came up. And the wood floor underneath was in much better shape than I was expecting.


I cut the carpet into strips to make it easier to roll up and throw away. After I got the first section up, Brian came up and helped me with the rest. He also suggested we chuck it out the window so we didn’t have to haul it down through the rest of the house since it was SO dirty. (I love those brains of his sometimes.) We got rid of everything but the tack strip for now.


Now that all the carpet is up, we have been trying to decide what we want to do. The floor has a very significant seam down the middle. The room was expanded at some point in its life, so you can see on the right is the newest flooring, and the left is the original flooring. I honestly don’t mind that they don’t match exactly (it’s hard to see in this pic, but the newer floor boards are quite a bit skinnier than the older ones), I think it’s kind of charming. I would be okay with sanding it all down and staining it to all match.


And that’s exactly what we thought we were going to do until a few days ago. The more we thought about it and went over the pros and cons of finishing the hardwoods, or replacing the carpet, we are now leaning toward replacing the carpet. It’s so not like us, we are such hardwood kind of people!


That seam creates a little bit of a lip that we are afraid may stub some little toes, and there are a few holes that we aren’t 100% how to fill in and look pretty. We have never re-finished hardwoods, but we know it is a big job. I’m just not sure either of us is ready to jump into such a large project right now, especially since Hollis is patiently awaiting a room of her own to be finished. Our other thoughts were that the floor is very noisy to walk across now and the room gets pretty chilli. Overall, since this room is for a one year old, we think the carpet will just be more baby friendly. I mean, the girl still has lots of years of playing on the floor left!


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