Inspirado: Hollis’ Bedroom

I love designing nurseries. LOVE it. I loved designing Hollis’ nursery in our old house while I was pregnant. I was excited to get to do another nursery for her. But since moving, we’ve been tackling rooms that needed our immediate attention. I never thought that we would be here six months before even starting on her room. Poor kid.

I really think the waiting has been a blessing in disguise.  I initially thought when we moved, that I would just recreate the same nursery here in the new house. Now that we’ve had to wait, she is no longer an infant, she’s a toddler and her needs are similar but they have changed some too. She has also formed quite the little personality and makes it clear what she likes and doesn’t like (funny how they do that at such a young age). I really want her new room to be sweet and happy and show off her funny, quirky little personality too!

I’ve been slowly collecting ideas over the last few months. I also still want to incorporate things from her previous nursery. She will be inheriting a queen size bed. The queen size bed makes the room feel a lot older,  but we really need the versatility of the queen size for when we have company (and we like to have company!) Plus we already have it so it’s more cost-effective for us to just use it instead of buying a new twin size bed. I’m hoping to make it more of a daybed, or adding a canopy to keep it more toddler-friendly and youthful. Here are a few ideas I’ve been kicking around:

Pink is our main color inspiration in case you couldn’t tell. I’m pretty much sold on pale pink paint and white bedding like in the top picture. I’m a sucker for white bedding, it’s so easy to transition into every room and it’s easy to take care of (hello bleach!).  I love the fun colors going on with the pink walls in the middle picture. And the last picture….well I pretty much love it all! I’d love to sleep under that sweet floral canopy. I’m sticking to pink, gold and white as the main color scheme with hints of bolder colors. The details of her room keep changing. I know I want it to include some vintage touches, but also feel fresh and modern too. Here is a mood board of things that I want to incorporate:

Toddler Bedroom Makeover //

Clockwise from top, left: White Ruffle Bedding (similar), Floral Print, Gold Bunny Silhouette , Benjamin Moore Ballerina Pink, Flea Market Finds; Vintage Deer & Ceramic Kitten Lamp, Gold Curtain Rods, Pom Pom trim curtains (DIY), Gold Side Table

 I can’t wait to get going on it! We picked out carpet the other day, but we are still waiting on installation. Hopefully I will have some progress pics up soon!


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