A Post About Closets?! What Could Be More Exciting?..


They hide all our crap that we can’t live without, but that’s not pretty enough to leave out for the world to see. They keep our things conveniently close by without having to store them down in the basement or up in the attic. They house my beautiful, expensive designer clothes. Just kidding. I mean my t-shirts and yoga pants. They really are the unsung hero of the house.

I love our closets. For being an old house built in the 1890’s, we have awesome closet space. Does that mean I have a luxurious walk-in closet in my bedroom? No. But I can definitely work with what we’ve got. The size of our closets isn’t really the issue for me, it’s the layouts that I have a problem with. I think with the right layout, we could double the functionality and solve a lot of our storage issues.

I’ve decided to start with Hollis’ closet. I’m already getting her room designed anyway, and while I’m patiently waiting for her carpet to be installed (everything out here in the country takes waaaaaay longer), I figure this would be a great time to revamp her closet before she even moves in. My goal is to get to all 10 of our closets eventually. (Our master bedroom closets are next!) They all have cracks that need to be filled and all are in need of a fresh coat of paint. And most of them need new shelving, racks and a whole new layout.

Here’s a look at Hollis’ closet so you can see what I’m talking about.

Closet Redo // thegoldbrickroad.comIt’s hard to see in these pics, but those back boards are covered in little hooks. (you can see the shadows of them) The hooks are nice, but not really functional for a clothes closet.

Closet Redo // thegoldbrickroad.comAnd while there are shelves and a clothes rack, they are just not large enough and don’t utilize the space well. Everything is just sort of stuffed in the left side of the closet, while the rest of the closet is just wasted space. Definitely not enough room for clothes for any girl I know.

Closet Redo // thegoldbrickroad.comSo far my plan is to gut the whole thing, carpet and all. Then I need to address all the cracks and get a fresh coat of paint on everything. I’ve been playing around on closetmaid.com and I think I’m going to change the layout to something like this pic below.

Closet Redo // thegoldbrickroad.comOn their website, you can choose from pre-designed closets, which is what I did. Or you can choose to have a designer help you with your layout for a small fee. I might try their service for one of my trickier closets. This is not a sponsored post, and I’ve never used Closetmaid before, but I will let you know how it all works out!


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