Give Mommy Your Candy

First of all, this post should be titled, “Toddlers are Impossible to Photograph”. My hat goes off to professionals who get paid to get them still and smiling. I miss the days when I could set her down, make goofy faces at her and snap away. Second of all…..look at that adorable little aerobic instructor.


Halloween 2014 //


Halloween 2014 //
This was a super easy costume. It required no shopping or sewing! And she was super comfy all day/evening. The only things I had to “make” were her leg warmers, which are just an old pair of my socks that I cut the foot off of. And I made her boombox/candy holder out of an empty ziplock bag box, duct tape and a sharpie.

Halloween 2014 //

This is her “you better get your pic, mom, because this is the last time I hold still” look.


Halloween 2014 //

“peace out, I’m done”.

Overall, I think she enjoyed Halloween. I don’t know how much of she really understood, but I know she enjoyed being told how cute she is and receiving treats. Hope everyone had a good Halloween!


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