Closety Goodness



If someone asked me how excited I was about closets when I was a kid, they would’ve ranked right up there with lima beans and shopping for tube socks. Zero interest. But as an adult with a toddler and ALL of the things toddlers need, closets excite me more than a shirtless Ryan Gosling. I could talk about closets all day long….and I did. My poor husband had to listen to me go on and on about what I might do in my daughter’s closet to make it more functional. Poor guy….Although, I’m pretty sure he only listens to about 25% of the things that come out of my mouth.

I started demoing Hollis’ closet last week. I had to remove all of the shelves and the metal rod. I also went ahead and ripped out the old carpet. Here is what it looked like before I got started.





Everything came out pretty easy, although I did have to recruit Brian to help me with one particularly stubborn board. I took everything out except 2 boards that run along the back of the closet. They were in there so good and were so sturdy, I decided to keep them and use them for supports. Most of the walls in our house are plaster and it can be a little iffy when attaching things to the wall. I had to attach a third board to match the other two so that I could attach my metal Closetmaid system to it.

Did you notice all of those cracks and holes?! Good’ol plaster. Luckily they were easy to fill and patch once everything was removed. Then I put a fresh coat of white paint over everything including the ceiling and trim. The trim had quite a bit of paint drippings on it from over the years, so I decided to just paint it so it all looked nice and clean. You can also see in the pic below where I ripped out the carpet and exposed the hardwood underneath. The floor isn’t in great shape, so I will probably put carpet over it if we have extra from Hollis’ room.


Once my paint dried, I was able to attach the metal supports. I drilled them straight through the boards.


Then I had to cut my metal shelves down to size and attach them to the supports. I wasn’t sure how high I wanted them so I had to put some things on the shelf to see what worked best. My favorite thing about this shelving system is that you can move the shelves around however you like. So when Hollis gets older and her clothes get larger, we can just move the shelf around to allow her more room. Which is awesome for me, because I moved that top shelf around a good seven times before I got it where I wanted it.


Here it is with a few things in it! I haven’t moved everything over yet because she hasn’t officially moved in yet. I made the top shelf go all the way across the closet and the bottom shelf only about 2/3’s of the way across to allow for longer items to be hung when she gets older.






I love it so much! It’s so bright and clean….I’m sure it won’t ever be this clean again. This whole project has me really excited to get started on my own closet!…and Brian’s too, I guess.


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