Love That New Carpet Smell

I got the best news the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The carpet company that is installing Hollis’ bedroom carpet called to tell me that they had an opening the following Monday, and would I like them to come install the carpet then instead of waiting until the 15th?…..Um, YES PLEASE!! The furniture that belongs in this room has been cluttering up the hallway and guest room for months and is slowing killing me inside. I think I’m most excited to finally have a place to put it all.

Cut to Monday and me dancing around excitedly awaiting my Hollis’ new carpet, only to get another phone call from them saying that the delivery van hit a deer on the way to our house…..only in the country people. So I had to stop my dancing and luckily only had to wait until the next day. Now we are enjoying that new carpet smell!

Here is what the room looked like with the old, smelly carpet.
Here is what it looks like now. It smells and looks SO much better. Actually the entire second floor started to smell a whole lot better once we ripped out the old musty carpet.

We really debated about whether we wanted to replace the old carpet with new carpet or refinish the hardwoods that are underneath. We decided carpet was our best bet right now since our daughter is just one and will be spending a lot of time playing on the floor. She loves her new carpet by the way!

Choosing carpet was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. There are so many choices out there these days. We went with a textured, low pile. Our floors upstairs are slightly uneven (just part of the charm of an old house). So we needed a low pile so that the doors could swing open and closed and clear the carpet. Even with that said, I am still going to have to trim about 1/4″ off the closet door so that it can swing shut without dragging on the carpet. We went with a taupe-y color and this swirl pattern. It’s nice and cushy, but the low-pile is nice and doesn’t get matted down.

Like I said, I’ve been dying to get the bedroom furniture out of the hallway and back into this room. I waited about 3.5 mins after the carpet installer left to start moving things back into their proper place. I still have LOTS to do in here:

  • add pom-pom trim to curtains
  • find new bedding
  • hang more art
  • find some wall shelves
  • fix ceiling (more on that later)
  • move in the crib
  • find or make a headboard
  • make a canopy??…maybe
  • toy storage

It’s so nice to have all of her things in one room again. And to have a clutter-free hallway again! Here is one more pic from where we started to where we are now. Pretty big change!


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