Favorite Farmhouse Flushmounts

As we have been going from room to room with our renovations, I’m becoming more and more eager to update the lighting in each space. There are drastically different light fixtures in each room. We have fixtures from the 60’s (maybe even older than that), 70’s, some fluorescent lighting from the 80’s or 90’s, and some ceiling fans from the 2000’s. Though, we are not quite to the point where we are ready to start replacing them all, I still find myself looking at all of my options. I’m taking my time deciding, because while I’d like each room to be slightly different, I want the lighting throughout the house to feel cohesive. I also would like a nice mix of modern and vintage feeling fixtures. I’ve collected some of my favorite flush mount lights I’ve found thus far.


Flush Mount Lighting // thegoldbrickroad.com

1. Vintage Barn Flushmount, 2. Otis, 3. Vanadin, 4. Bronze Star Flushmount, 5. Calhoun Glass Flushmount, 6. Soho White Rice,

7. Classic Flushmount-Metal Bell, 8. 20th Century Factory Filament Milkglass Flushmount, 9. Vintage Glass Flushmount


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