Minty Fresh Walls

Our upstairs bathroom is in need of a serious facelift, but we’re settling for a minor facelift right now. I’ve been painting my little heart out trying to make the space a little brighter and happier. I was extra motivated to get everything painted because we had family coming to visit this weekend. That’s just the best kind of motivation for me! Before, everything in here was a little too brown for my taste. The walls were brown, the floor is brown, the trim was brown, even the tub was brown. I decided to paint, for a quick and cheap little facelift.

Here is a look at it before and after.

thegoldbrickroad.comUpstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comI just used up some leftover mint green paint that I originally used in our entry way. It’s light and neutral and I knew it would look nice with the dark trim as well as white accents.

Upstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comUpstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comThe trim throughout the bathroom needed to be painted. The trim around the doorways and window haven’t been touched, but the baseboards were all painted brown. I decided since they were already painted anyway, I would go ahead and paint them white to continue with lightning up the space and to match the rest of the painted trim in the house.

Upstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comWe removed the cabinet above the toilet and it really helped bring in a lot more light in there. It really felt like a dark cave before. I was worried I would miss the storage, but removing it has really helped open up the space. (You don’t feel like you are going potty in the closet anymore.)

Upstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comIt was so dark in there before that I didn’t even notice that the ceiling was blue! So I got to add, paint the ceiling to my list of things to do….yay.

Upstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comSince we lost the storage we had with the cabinet that was hanging over the toilet, I wanted to add some shelves to replace it. I decided to re-purpose some shelves that I tore out of Hollis’ closet back here. I thought I had three shelves, but when I unwrapped one, I realized it was broken. đŸ˜¦ So two shelves it is!

Upstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comI didn’t have a whole lot of hope for these shelves since they were wrapped in contact paper. I was expecting it to be a big ordeal, but the paper actually came off with very little effort. And that paper was sticky, as demonstrated by little helper below.

Upstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comI was planning on having to sand and paint the shelves, but after unwrapping them, I really liked the wood finish. They are stained the same color as the trim. The hubby also like the wood look, so I decided to just leave them, at least for now. I like how they look a little bit rustic and they tie in with the rest of the wood in the room. I just added some simple brackets that were less than $2 at Lowe’s.

Upstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comUpstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comI was a little worried that I would hate the floor after painting, but I’m liking it a lot more. It looks a little more coppery and interesting, and it ties in nicely with the dark wood trim.

Upstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comUpstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comUpstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comUpstairs Bathroom // thegoldbrickroad.comI still have lots to do, but at least the walls and trim are painted (and the ceiling)! It feels a lot less Debbie Downer and now it’s minty fresh. Like a toothpaste commercial. I will go into more detail on some the projects later, but here is a look at my updated to-do list:


  • paint the walls something light and calming
  • paint the baseboards white
  • makeover the antique cabinet
  • add some wall shelves above the tub
  • add a towel rack near the tub
  • add some shelves above the toilet
  • paint the tub
  • find some sort of window treatment that still lets natural light in
  • find/make a vanity for the sink
  • add some artwork


  • change out the light fixture
  • add feet to the tub (if possible)
  • add a shower and curtain rod

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