Yard Work

Yard Work // thegoldbrickroad.comWe have had beautiful weather here in Central Kansas the last week. My toddler has been in heaven, she brings me her shoes and says “pweeze pweeze pweeze” while pointing to the window. I can’t say no to that! Anyone who lives in the Midwest knows that the weather can change in a flash, so we’ve been trying to soak up every second of this sunshine while we can. We’ve been swinging, sliding, taking rides in our wagon, exploring the yard, and picking up and inspecting every single rock in our gravel drive way….EVERY. SINGLE. ROCK.

Yard Work // thegoldbrickroad.comAll this time outdoors has been amazing and much-needed after being stuck inside most days this Winter. Of course while outside, I’m noticing all the things about our yard that hate. We moved here last Spring so we missed out on a lot of landscaping and gardening opportunities while we focused our efforts on the interior of the house. We were lucky enough to get the house painted last Summer, and planted a few tomato plants, but other than that, we really have done nothing outside.

Being way out here in the country, there is a lot less pressure for curb appeal, but I definitely want our house/yard to reflect us and to create our own little oasis. Last year we missed out on a lot of great weather and opportunities to hang out outside and I REALLY don’t want that to happen again. I’ve been pinning ideas for the last year and I’ve compiled a list of what I’d really like to accomplish this Spring/Summer.

1. Tidy Up

We have a lot to clean up in our garage and yard. Along with cleaning/emptying the garage, we also have a bird problem. The garage is an old steel building and unfortunately has a lot of places for birds and other animals to get in. While cleaning up, we definitely want to try to close it up as much as we can and find a safe way to get rid of the birds. I’m not  bird-hater or anything, but I would like to be able to park my car and store things in the garage without them becoming covered in bird poo.

2. Create A Garden

My only real complaint about living in the country is the lack of good produce. I wasn’t expecting that to be a problem out here, but it is. If we want the good stuff, we are going to have to rely on our own gardening skills. Other than tomatoes and some herbs, I really don’t have a lot of gardening experience so this one makes me a little nervous. I’d really like to grow a good variety of different veggies. We have a designated area for our new garden and now we just need to come up with a plan and figure out what and when we need to start planting.

Source” target=”_blank”>Source

3. Create A Playspace

Since I’m going to be outside maintaining our garden, it would be so nice to have a nearby area for kiddos to play where I can hear/see them.  We found plans for an elevated playhouse that we would love to build for Hollis. These two were my faves, I love the idea of being able to customize it to exactly what we want.

4. Patio Area

So….for those of you who have read this blog for a while, you know that our “front door” is really our back door. The original front door is gone, along with the beautiful, large front porch :(. There is a side door with a small covered patio on it that we could use, but the door, which is off of our living room, doesn’t work very well and the patio needs some major repair. Currently that is where our grill and patio furniture live, but we never use it. I think with some work and TLC we could make it usable for us, BUT I would still love a patio area next to the door that we DO use. Nothing really fancy, but a place that we could house and use our grill and set up a table and chairs. This spot is especially convenient because it is so close to the kitchen and it also faces where we would set up our play space and garden. I think we may make the side door usable for this Spring/Summer and focus on making a better located patio in the next few years.

Yard Work // thegoldbrickroad.com Yard Work // thegoldbrickroad.com Yard Work // thegoldbrickroad.comThis last pic is the view from the door we use regularly. The kitchen window has the same view too, which is really the reason I want to have the garden and play area here. It would be great if I could make lunch or snacks and still be able to see my little one playing.

So that’s my list so far! It should be plenty to keep me busy the next few months! If anyone has any tips for laying out a garden or how to nicely get rid of birds, I’d love to hear it!


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