Inspirado: Playroom

So I’ve been putting off working on the rec room for months. This room is seriously stumping me. We’ve designated the large room in the back of the house, that is connected to the office, as our rec room. It’s a great space, but with two large windows and two large doorways, there just isn’t much wall space to work with which makes laying out the furniture tricky. The other problem is that I’m asking a lot from this one room. It basically needs to serve as a gym, extra guest room, t.v. room, and mostly a playroom.

rec room // thegoldbrickroad.comThe room will mostly be occupied by our daughter right now. It houses the majority of her toys, and there is a t.v. and sofa in there for her to watch her shows (also for me to watch my shows when the hubby commandeer the t.v. in the living room). Even though it is a room she will use a lot, I want it to be a space that kids and adults are comfortable in. I want the decor to be kid-friendly but not over the top.

I’ve collected some pics for inspiration.

^Love this idea of a two-toned paint job. I love these colors, but I will probably go a little more neutral to keep it a bit more sophisticated.

^ Our room desperately needs storage and I really like what they’ve done here by using the storage units to section off part of the room. Such a good way to define a space!

^ I also like this idea of using paint to define a small space. Maybe I can make Hollis a little “house” in a corner for her play kitchen and baby dolls.

^ Such a cool idea for a non-traditional dollhouse AND the shelves would be super functional when the kiddos older. I just have to find the wall space for it…If I can’t find it in the rec room, then I may have to do it in her bedroom.

^ We have a play kitchen already, that was graciously handed down to us from Hollis’ cousins, but when she outgrows it, it would be fun to customize one for her like this.

Here’s an inspo board for what I’m hoping to incorporate. I’d like it to be mostly neutral with some fun pops of color.

rec room //

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

Lots to do! Luckily it’s a lot of fun projects. Here is a glimpse at my to list:

  • find storage for toys
  • paint the walls
  • find or make curtains
  • designate a play area
  • designate the “gym”
  • make a cozy space for t.v. watching
  • designate an area for art
  • find some fun artwork
  • find a sofa bed/futon for extra room for guests
  • make Hollis a “house” with play kitchen and other toys

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