Neutral But Playful Playroom

I’ve been busy playing in painting in the playroom lately. I complain about the lack of wall space in this room, but when it comes to painting, it’s actually pretty awesome and makes for a quick paint job. And quick is good, because all the toys that are normally in the playroom have been cluttering up the living room all week and I’m suddenly reminded of how awesome it is to have a playroom to keep my sanity!

The room started out a deep, wine red color. I decided I wanted something a little lighter and more neutral since I knew there would be lots of color going on with all the toys and things in the room.

What I didn’t want is the room to be too neutral (i.e. boring). So I’m trying a sort of “whimsical” paint job. I was really inspired by some two-tone paint jobs I have seen on Pinterest. I thought it would be a good way to keep things neutral but still shake things up a little. I’ve never done anything like this, so I was a little nervous, but I’m liking it so far….and it’s just paint if I change my mind.

rec room // rec room // rec room //

I started with a taupey-gray color. I painted about 6′ up the wall and left the rest for color #2. My original plan was to tape the wall off and do a straight edge all the way across, but I got a wild hair and ended up doing a free-handed cloud shape instead. Above you can see I painted my shape before the second color just to get an idea of where I wanted it to start and stop.

rec room //

To pick color #2, I just went up two shades on my color sample sheet. That’s a really safe way to pick a color in the same tone. It would have been really fun to do a bright pop of color here instead, but again, I knew I would be bringing in a lot more color into the room. I filled in my top color and then went back with a small brush and cleaned up my free-hand cloud shape to make it more crisp.

rec room //

rec room //

rec room // thegoldbrickroad.comI’m still working on few projects in here, and furniture rearranging, but I thought I’d at least share the paint transformation. I just love how the wood trim really pops now. (Please pretend like the office is super clean and organized mmkay?!) I can’t wait to share the rest next week!


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