More Playroom Fun

I’m sick.

Like knock you on your butt, sick. What started out as allergies, has quickly escalated to bronchitis….Hello mucus. Needless to say, I’ve been very unproductive this week. The couch, a box of tissues, and I have become best friends. I high-fived myself this morning for getting two whole loads of laundry done….just five more to go!

The only good thing about this is that we have been able to give the “new” playroom/rec-room a spin. There is a closet across from the playroom that I use to hide toys in. I like to hide things and then switch them out with other toys that are already out. Am I the only mom who does this? It sounds kind of mean to hide things from a toddler, but she has so many toys that she gets bored with them sometimes. Hiding them not only keeps clutter down in the playroom, but also keeps her toys exciting when she hasn’t seen them in a while. It has been a lifesaver this week, while I have very little energy to entertain my little one, she’s been able to entertain herself quite a bit with all of her “new” old toys.

Luckily, I finished a couple of projects in there before I started hacking up my lungs, and so far Hollis is really enjoying her new space. Here’s what the space looked like after I painted.

recroom // I decided that the sofa was a little too close to the t.v., so I ended up flipping the treadmill around to face the wall.

recroom // I really wanted the treadmill to face the t.v., but I just couldn’t make it work and this freed up a lot more space this way.

recroom // I also added a small chalkboard wall for Hollis. She has had so much fun with the one in the entry way, that I thought she would really enjoy her own in the playroom. This is also her little art corner, where she can color and draw. (And how sweet is that little picnic table my dad made her?!) As you can see, we like moose a little bit.

recroom // My favorite (super simple) addition, is Hollis’ playhouse. I just used some painters tape and a fun paint color to create a little house for her. I love the pop of color and it brings out the color in her growth chart, you can see more on that project here.

recroom // recroom // recroom // recroom // So far, the little one LOVES it. Trying to keep her out of my shot while taking pics was almost impossible. I found a couple of small shelves I had in a tote and hung them on the wall for her to store her dishware on. Brian suggested adding a little window in her “house”, so I may have to make that happen too.

recroom // IMG_1777As you can see I’m having a little too much fun designing the playroom. If I could just design kids rooms and playrooms for the rest of my life, I think I’d be happy!


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