Upcycled Heirloom

If you know anything about me, you know that I love a good deal. Like a super cheap, high-five yourself, kind of deal. You can call me cheap if you want to, I won’t be offended. I will spend hours scouring flea markets and garage sales and enjoy every minute of it. Anytime I can save our family  money, I feel pretty awesome about it.

The only thing better than finding a cool piece of furniture for a great price, is finding one in our home for free. In our upstairs bathroom, there is an antique cabinet that has been in Brian’s family for years. He said it belonged to his great-grandmother, which I think is so cool. It’s really neat for Hollis that she will grow up with something that belonged to her great great-grandmother.

Upcycled Heirloom // thegoldbrickroad.comIt fits perfectly in that little nook. The only problem is, it looks like it has seen better days. The top is wood and has laminate on top of it that has started to chip and come off. The paint on it has also started to chip and just needs a fresh coat on it.

Upcycled Heirloom // thegoldbrickroad.com Upcycled Heirloom // thegoldbrickroad.comI wanted to keep using it in the same spot in the bathroom because it serves as the only counter space in there and has some much-needed storage underneath. But I also wanted it to match the bathroom after I finished painting in there. So I went ahead and helped the rest of the laminate come off the top and decided to paint it white to go with the rest of the bathroom.

Now here is where I would normally show you process pics, but somehow I’ve misplaced them….

I ended up choosing tile to finish the top, I really wanted something that would be easy to wipe down and that could stand up to getting wet. I went with a small octagon tile. I wanted a timeless look, so I stuck with classic black and white. The tiles came on 12″ x 12″ sheets and were easy to lay and trim to fit. I also used a quick-dry grout which was really simple and easy to work with. I plan on going back and adding some trim pieces around the edge on the front to give it a more finished look. Upcycled Heirloom // thegoldbrickroad.comFor the rest of the cabinet, I just primed it and painted it the same white as the trim. I figure, if I ever repaint the bathroom, (which is inevitable), the cabinet will still go with everything. I reused the glass hardware that was already on the cabinet. It just needed a little soak in some vinegar and dish soap to make them extra sparkly.

Upcycled Heirloom // thegoldbrickroad.comUpcycled Heirloom // thegoldbrickroad.com So there it is. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Hopefully it will survive at least another generation!







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