Sharing Is Caring: His and Hers Closet

Lately I’m finding myself focusing less on design projects and more on practical projects that make our everyday lives easier. I’ve been organizing left and right trying to simplify as much as possible. Our bedroom closets need the most organizing, but I’ve been putting them off for a couple of reasons. 1. We have a lot of crap. 2. One of the closets is an odd shape and I have no idea how to make it more functional.

I’ve decided to just suck it up and get started on them anyway. We have one closet that my hubby and I have been sharing. It’s not a huge closet, but it is nice and deep and with a little reconfiguring, we should both be able to have about 6′ of hanging space each. The other closet sits under the attic stairs, so it’s a bit trickier to layout. Right now I’ve been using it for my shoes, long dresses, and purses. I know with the right design, it could be a lot more useful, I just have to figure out what that design is. If anyone has any suggestions, please send them my way!

0708152030bI really should have taken this pic before I removed all the clothes, but my brain was clearly in organizing mode and not in blogging mode, so I apologize. I actually thought about putting all the clothes back on the rack and taking a proper pic, but that thought only lasted about 2.5 seconds before I came to my senses. Just imagine it packed with clothes.

0708152030So since we moved here, Brian and I have went halvsies on this closet. (Yes, he has just as many clothes as I do….) We did really good sharing this one rod for over a year, but I’ve noticed the last couple of months that we started playing a fun little game where we shove the other ones clothes as far over to their side as possible while searching for clothes on our own side. And as much fun as that game is, we agreed it’s time for our own separate areas. My first thought was to just re-hang this rod higher and add a second rod lower so we each have our own. But Brian suggested instead, since the closet is fairly deep (3′), we could rotate the rods the other way under the shelves and each have 2 rods on each side of the closet. It will be sort of a mini walk-in closet that way…..he’s a smart one. This way we both get 6′ of hanging space and no more clothes shoving.

The plan:

  • demo out the old shelves and rod
  • patch any holes
  • paint a nice bright white
  • hang our new Closetmaid closet system
  • purge, purge, purge! I want to really simplify my stuff (hopefully my hubby will do the same) before hanging it back in the closet
  • find shoe storage (if there’s room)

0720151856aHere is the other closet. Clearly what’s happening in here is not working. I may need to recruit help on this one. My dream would be to ditch my dresser, and add shelves and drawers in here instead. I’d also still like to store my purses and possibly longer dresses and shoes in here if I can’t fit them in the other closet. My other option would be to make this more of a seasonal closet and store clothes and shoes that we don’t need all the time. So like I said, if anyone has any suggestions on what to do in this little angled closet, please share!


I finally got around to emptying out the second closet…except for my shoes :/. So here are some pics of it (mostly) empty. I’m hoping it will be a little easier for you all to see what I’m dealing with, and to see if you have any ideas or suggestion!

0722151253 0722151254a0722151253a 0722151254




8 thoughts on “Sharing Is Caring: His and Hers Closet

  1. stumbled onto your post, and I have been doing some reorganizing in my house as well. it sucks but it feels nice after you’re done. i like your idea about turning the rods so you both have two, you could add in shelves for the middle area and bins/baskets to put some stuff in. i used command hooks at different heights for some of my lighter purses and bins for the others. i too had a shoe problem, but i found a revolving shoe tree on amazon (it was $33 and it holds 24 pairs) i put all my flats into a bin nearby and other shoes underneath my second hanging rod. hope that helps !


    • I agree, organizing is a pain, but totally worth it! It feels good just to get rid of things we no longer need. I like all of your suggestions. I’m just waiting to see exactly how much room I’m going to be left with in the middle for shelves and things. I’m crossing my fingers I have enough room for a shelf or two. I really like the rotating shoe rack idea, I will be looking into that!


      • If a shelf or two doesnt fit nicely try looking into pegboards? My craft room/guest room was a disaster (!) and a put up a pegboard which gives me lots of different changeable storage options. I’ve seen a lot of people use hooks on them for purses, jewelry, small shelves, etc and some people use them to hang baskets on!

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  2. Forgive me if I’m not seeing the 2nd (under the stairs) closet the correct way but, could you do the same type of thing you’re doing in your shared closet, which is super smart, as far as the rod goes? I did this in our closet under the stairs but, it is our coat closet. I kept the main bar like you usually see then I added a bar going the other way depth wise. I hang shorter coats, purses, and bags on hangers on the side rod. Good luck!

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