Baby News

This is just a quick post to tell you all about my latest project. Not one of my typical projects though. No paint, or tile, or hammer required. Nope. This is a human project. As in I’m making one….in my belly! Brian and I are very excited for baby number two! Our first little one turned out so awesome, that we just can’t wait to meet her little brother or sister. She is pretty dang excited too. Hollis is only 22 months so I know she doesn’t really understand the concept of having another baby in the house, ALL the time, a baby that doesn’t go home with a different mommy and daddy, a baby that will share her toys and things and probably claim some of them as their own, and a baby that will suck up a lot of mommy’s time. But she does talk about the new baby and say hi to he/she in my belly, so that’s a start. The Human Project // “Sooo….you mean, there is a person living in your tummy?” The Human Project //“And they come out of where??…” The Human Project //“This baby IS pretty cute….” The Human Project //“I guess we can be friends, as long as their not cuter than me!” Of course being pregnant just brings on a whole new list of projects I feel I need to tackle. But I’m taking those projects on slowly, and only when I’m not super nauseous, which is pretty much always the last few months. This pregnancy has been completely different from my first pregnancy. I can’t wait to find out the gender so I can really get some projects going!


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