Old Toys Made New

So I don’t usually consider myself much of a hoarder, but as a child I was definitely a hoarder….a hoarder of toys. My poor parents attic is full of my old dolls, Barbies, books. I finally got around to going up there a few months ago (before it got super hot) and pulled down a few things that I thought Hollis might be able to play with. One of those beloved things was my dollhouse and furniture. I built it myself (mostly, dad helped some) when I was a kid and I can’t believe it’s survived as long as it has.

After getting it down from the attic, I knew it would need some TLC, but the repairs are slightly more extensive than I thought. Everything is fixable, I just need to get out the wood glue and put it to work. It will be time-consuming, and I haven’t really had the time to get to it yet. The problem is Hollis LOVES the dollhouse. She thinks it’s the coolest thing…which it is. Unfortunately, every time she touches it, something breaks. Not her fault, of course, it’s just old and not toddler-friendly. Sharing My Toys // thegoldbrickroad.comLuckily, while I was in the attic, I snagged a shadow box my grandpa had built me before I ever got my dollhouse. He knew I wanted a dollhouse one day and in the meantime I was collecting tiny furniture for it. I would set up little rooms in it and display my adorable, tiny things. It dawned on me that Hollis might love doing the same thing and this would be WAY more toddler-friendly for her.

Sharing My Toys // thegoldbrickroad.comHollis has been playing with it like this for a little while now, but I want to dress it up a little bit since I think she will get a lot of use out of it. I cleaned it up and made a minor repair. There are plexiglass panels that slide down in front of it so that it becomes more of a display case. I went ahead and took them out for now because I don’t want Hollis dropping them down on her little fingers.

Sharing My Toys // thegoldbrickroad.comI pulled out some leftover paint and some old scrapbook paper. Then I cut down my paper to fit inside of each box.

Sharing My Toys // thegoldbrickroad.comSharing My Toys // thegoldbrickroad.comI think it turned out pretty cute, and it was fast and easy. It’s looking much more like a dollhouse now and we can still use it for other things down the road.

Sharing My Toys // thegoldbrickroad.com

Sharing My Toys // thegoldbrickroad.comIt is much more simple (and safer) than the dollhouse. I like that everything is at her reach and easy for her to get to. She could care less that it’s missing all the bells and whistles. The rooms are also really easy to switch out which helps keep her from getting super bored Sharing My Toys // thegoldbrickroad.comThe little munchkin has been playing with it non-stop so I think it is a success! Hooray for free toys! I can’t wait to get back in the attic and find more goodies for her.


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