Best Diaper Bag for Two Littles

Okay Mamas, I need help! I hate diaper bag shopping, it’s stressing me out. I managed to avoid using a ‘real’ diaper bag with Hollis by using other bags and purses, but now that I’m adding a second baby to the mix, I am realizing I desperately need to invest in a good diaper bag.

The problem is, I’m picky….and cheap. BUT, I’m willing to splurge a little this time on a good bag now that I’m toting around twice the amount of stuff. I’m especially willing to splurge if I can use the bag beyond using it for a diaper bag. I have a few requirements: 1. I don’t want it to look like an obvious diaper bag 2. This sucker needs to be rooooomy. I like big bags and I cannot lie. 3. Easy to clean 4. Reasonably priced. I don’t want to spend a small fortune on this thing.

Here are my contenders thus far:

diaper bags

1. Skip Hop Grand Central. At $89, I like the price, but this bag still looks like a diaper bag to me. A cute diaper bag, but a diaper bag none the less. It has insulated side bottle pockets, water-resistant lining, and comes with stroller straps.

2. Honest Everything Tote. This one retails for $170, which isn’t too bad. I like that it is functional and stylish. It could definitely be used as a purse later in life.  The lining is wipeable and pvc-free, 2 insulated interior pockets, plenty of outer pockets and storage.

3. Lily Jade Madeline Bag. At $285 this is the priceiest bag I looked at. Not sure I can justify spending almost $300 on a diaper bag, but I do love it! It can be worn as a backpack, shoulder bag or a crossbody bag. It also has a detachable, washable interior baby organizer which is just so smart.

4. Timi and Leslie Charlie Bag. This one runs around $160 which I actually think is a very fair price. I love the look, I would never guess this was a diaper bag. Timi and Leslie have a lot of great bags that don’t look anything like diaper bags. It comes with a matching clutch to hold moms stuff, water-resistant, and super roomy. This bag would make a great weekend bag for after it has done duty as a diaper bag.

5. Skip Hop Forma Backpack. This bag is only $70, the cheapest bag I’ve looked at so far. I’m not completely sold on a backpack, but I do love the idea of being totally hands-free. There are two insulated pockets for bottles and two removable storage cubes that tuck into the front pocket. The downside is that it can only be worn as a backpack.

6. Timi and Leslie Dawn Bag.  Just like the Charlie bag, this one also retails for $160. I just love how stylish their bags are. It comes with an insulated bottle tote, dirty clothes sack, stroller straps and a matching wristlet for mom.

7. Legacy BFF- The First Lady.  This bag runs around $180. I think this bag is super cute, I’m a sucker for black and white stripes. It is machine washable, has exterior insulated bottle pockets, and can be worn as a messenger or tote. The best part is that it comes with crumb drains! Crumbs are my biggest nemesis, they are constantly at the bottom of my bag and it drives me insane!

So moms, I need to know what is your fave diaper bag?! I would really like to know what moms of multiples and moms with two or more littles use!


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