State Fair 2015

The Kansas state fair is here for the week and since we had a good time there last year, we decided to make a trip there again this year. We knew Hollis would have more fun this time around, she’s such a little people-watcher like her mom. Our plan was to get up early Sunday and get there when they opened the gates and I’m so glad we did. We were able to navigate all the buildings before they got too crowded and the weather was cool and beautiful.

State Fair 2015 // IMG_2380 IMG_2399

It was a sea of tractors, trailers and other farm equipment….Oh, and this fuel trailer Hollis is modeling with that Brian has at the show to sell.

State Fair 2015 //

I really enjoyed the buildings full of original artwork and photography, and cool, random things like this sculpture made of butter.

Capture2 IMG_2396 IMG_2385   IMG_2387 IMG_2397

The smell of funnel cakes and fried everything were in the air.  I was surrounded by ice cream, fried cheese curds, gyros, nachos, chili dogs, kettle corn and about a thousand other delicious things. I was so overwhelmed with my choices that all I ended up getting was  corn dog and lemonade….uugghhh. I was kicking myself on the way home that I didn’t indulge in something I can’t get normally. Oh well, there is always next year!

IMG_2404 0913151158f

Hollis is still not quite ready for rides by herself (next year she’ll probably be ready), but she was obsessed with this little train that went all around the fair. Luckily it was one I could ride with her so she patiently waited in line with me and we waved bye to daddy. She made train noises the whole time and loved waving at all the little kiddos we passed.

0913151227She loved the train so much that she passed out not long afterwards and slept the entire way home! State fair success.


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