Halloween 2015

I wasn’t expecting Halloween this year to be much different than last year. I really didn’t think Hollis would be that interested or pay much attention to it. But thanks to all the Disney Halloween specials we watched, she sort of became obsessed with it. I think all of the decorations were her favorite part. She would excitedly point out any witch, pumpkin or ghost she saw. She would also not so excitedly point out all the scary decorations too. She is not a fan of zombies and vampires just yet, she refers to them as “no-no guys”. Next year I’m really going to have to step up my Halloween decorations!

Hollis1I picked out her costume this year (she’s a butterfly), but I think next year I will let her have a lot more say in what costume she wants to wear. We took her trick or treating in a neighboring town where we go to church and know quite a few people. We mostly just went to houses we knew and some neighbors of theirs. Hollis started out a little shy, but once she realized she got “treats”, she was motivated to step out of that shyness a little bit. I was very proud of her and all of her “please” and “thank yous”.

I should have known she’d do fine after all of the practicing she did!




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