Maternity Style: Holiday Party

I know outfit posts aren’t usually my thing, but when I am  seven months pregnant, what to wear is pretty much all I think about. Getting dressed is becoming a chore. Nothing fits right, I feel super fat in everything, and I’m very aware of all the ways my body has changed over the last few months. I get especially stressed when I have to find something to wear for a wedding or holiday party. So I decided to throw together a little style post that includes some of my favorite party dresses I’ve found. (All of these dresses are from ASOS maternity, they have an amazing selection!)

P.S. I promise I will get back to more DIY projects and posts after baby boy gets here. I just don’t have the energy right now while so pregnant and with the holiday hoopla.

Maternity Style: Holiday Party

maternity style

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3 thoughts on “Maternity Style: Holiday Party

  1. these are cute! wish i was aware of ASOS maternity when i was pregnant. i remember my second baby shower was late in the game (probably 7 months cooking my bun) and down in south florida and i felt so fat and hot and i couldn’t find a dress that i wanted to wear. i just wanted to sit and be pretty and i didn’t feel like it that day lol. sigh.
    its ok mama, im sure you look beautiful and if you don’t feel that way just remember you are making life ! you are amazing !


    • I know! I wish I had remembered them sooner this pregnancy. I discovered them my first pregnancy, but I don’t remember them having such an awesome selection like they do right now. I’m 7 mos along right now, and I totally feel ya! There is something about this point in my pregnancies that I just feel blah and not cute. I wish I was one of those lucky gals that stay skinny and just gain weight in their bellies, but alas, that is NOT in the cards for me 🙂 Thanks for the kind words!!

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