Nesting 101

Nesting is real folks and it is in FULL FORCE over here. I don’t remember nesting so much when Hollis was born, as much as just generally freaking out and feeling lost as far as what I really needed and how to organize it. This time around, I feel so much more need to prepare because I know what to expect and what I really need and don’t need.

I had a c-section the first time around (and plan to have one this time around too) and while I was recovering (ie. stuck on the couch or in bed) I noticed ALL the things I wish I had thought to do before the baby was born and realized just how unprepared I really was. This time around, I’m getting all that stuff done NOW. Here is a little list  of all the things I’m getting done to make life after baby easier!

  1. Organize…..EVERYTHING

I know how much a newborn consumes your time and attention, leaving very little time for nagging chores like crowded cabinets and closets. I have gone through closet after closet, just purging crap we don’t need/use and trying to find real homes for things instead of temporary homes to get them out of my sight. I’ve reorganized half the kitchen, still have half to go. I have rearranged furniture, swapped out decor, and generally debated the perfect spot for things at least a billion times and mostly come to the conclusion that the object was already in the perfect spot…

2. Make Ahead Meals

This is a big one. With baby number 1 we lived in a town with lots of friends and family and… We were lucky enough to get meals delivered to us in exchange for baby cuddles. We also lived in a big city with every kind of fast food within about a 5-10 mile radius. This time around, we live out in the country where cows are our closest neighbors. And if I don’t feel up to making dinner, it’s a good 20-30 minutes to the closet fast food. So I decided it would be in our best interest, you know if we want to not starve, to make some freezer meals that we can easily pull out and heat up. I have a pretty good start so far, but I have a lot to go before this baby gets here. I want that freezer full!

3. Baby Clothes

We are so lucky to have hand me downs from Hollis’ cousins! Hollis has gotten a ton of awesome hand me downs from her cousin Ella and now baby boy is getting a ton from his cousin Noah. I am SO grateful that their mom and dad were nice enough to save those clothes and share them with us. I am trying to save as many clothes as I can, so I can pass them along too. This time around, the organizing of clothes has been much easier. I have a much better idea of how quickly a newborn grows and what items we really liked and used and when. I’ve also learned that not all baby clothes are sized the same. And that just because my baby is 3 months old, it does not mean that they will be in a 3 month size. I have everything organized in totes in 6 month increments up to 2T and then in 1 year increments.

4. Cleaning

I don’t mean general, weekly cleaning. Like vacuuming, dusting, etc. I mean the more random stuff, like washing our pillows and comforters. Cleaning the oven, dishwasher, and fridge. And of course, cleaning baby stuff: my pump, bottles, clothes, toys, covers on the car seat, swing, pack ‘n play, Boppy etc. My dishwasher and washer and dryer are definitely getting a good work out!



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