What's In My Diaper Bag

Baby day is getting closer and closer. We are only a couple of weeks away and he pretty much could make his entrance into the world anytime now. My hospital bag is packed, baby’s bag is packed, and now I’m turning my attention to my diaper bag. I’m so used to packing for a two-year old, I have to retrain my brain for packing for a newborn….they need so much stuff! I’m trying to pare down to the bare necessities since I need room for two. Luckily these days, Hollis doesn’t require too much stuff anymore. And to be honest, a lot of times I just pack her a bag with a few diapers, toys, snacks and an extra pair of pants that I just leave in the car and grab out what we need at the moment.


For my bag, I have the Charlie bag from Timi and Leslie and I absolutely love it. I did a lot of research on diaper bags and even posted about it here. I love this bag because it holds a ton of stuff and has a lot big pockets inside that are easy to dig around in one-handed which is super important while holding a baby or wrangling a toddler. It comes with a changing pad, insulated bottle holder, stroller straps, and my favorite part is a wristlet for me to keep my phone, keys, and wallet all together and easy to grab. It’s also super cute and doesn’t look like a diaper bag, I get compliments on it all the time.


Teething Toy/Distraction– These get switched out often, but I like to have something for baby to chew on like, Sophie the giraffe.  Hollis loves these Llama Llama books, and so do I. They are short and rhyme-y (is that a word?), Hollis has most of them memorized and she loves to bring them in the car when we go out somewhere.

Wet/Dry Bag– A wet/dry bag has saved me, and my nose, many times. Blowouts and wet pants always happen at the worst times, and usually in front of the most witness, so this thing is a lifesaver. My diaper bag came with one, but I like this one better. It’s a nice size and easy to throw in the wash.

Change of Clothes-For the same reason as above. I like to keep a set of seperates for quick changes. I also keep a pair of pants for Hollis in the car and not in my diaper bag.

Blanket– Always handy to have an extra one of these. Besides the obvious, I’ve used it as a window shade in the car and as an impromptu nursing cover when I forget mine.

Diaper Ointment/Lotion-I like Burt’s Bees in general, and I really like the size of this ointment and lotion for the diaper bag.

Sunscreen– I keep a bigger bottle of sunscreen and bug repellent in the car, but this tiny roll-on stick is great for the diaper bag. I like Aveeno and Babyganics.

My Bag– This wristlet came with my diaper bag and I love it. It’s so nice to have all my important things, (phone, keys, wallet, lip balm) all in one spot that is easy to grab or take in to a store alone without the big bag.

Portable Potty SeatThis one we haven’t gotten to use yet, so I don’t know if we like it or not, but I love the idea of it! Hollis is not potty trained yet, but we are working on it. I’ve taken a step back from it for now because the new baby is coming and I have a feeling she will regress when the baby gets here. So we will focus more on it in a couple months. I started carrying this guy around with me just in case she feels the urge to try to use a big potty away from home. Anyone used one?

Diapers and Wipes– Duh.

Bottle– We tried a few different brands of bottles including the ones that came with my breast pump, but we didn’t have any luck until we tried these Dr. Brown bottles. Hollis would get really gassy and spit up a lot, but the problems pretty much subsided when we switched to these.

Sippy Cup– We also went through a few of these before we found ones we really liked. I love these Nuby sippy cups because they have a straw so that you don’t have to tip the cups up to drink. It made for an easy transition to regular cups with straws when we go out to eat. I also like that they close and are spill proof.

Snacks– Snacks are a must. I don’t know where my tiny two year old puts these snacks, but she goes through them so fast. As soon as she’s done with one snack, she’s asking me for another one. She goes through so many that I keep a bag of just snacks in the car for emergencies and just pull out a few for the diaper bag when needed. I love these pouches because they are so portable and require no utensils.

Bibs– I love these Baby Bandana Bibs because they are super soft and just feel more stylish than regular bibs. They are cute without being too cutesy, if that makes sense. They come in really great patterns and colors so they are cute enough to leave on all day as a drool-catcher for when baby is teething. I also love that they have two snaps to adjust for baby as they grow.

Not pictured: nursing cover, wrap baby carrier, granola bar and bottle of water for me (These things usually get left in the car and thrown in the diaper bag as needed.)

What are your must-haves for the diaper bag? How do you fit two or more kiddos worth of stuff in there?


3 thoughts on “What's In My Diaper Bag

  1. hand sanitizer!
    extra hair stuff (bows, hairties)
    disposable diaper bags (can’t remember if they were scented or odor neutralizing or just awesome)

    (no help for fitting two + worth of stuff though)


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