Hang It Up


Right?! Daylight savings never used to bother me until I had little ones. Little ones who already refuse to go to sleep before 10pm….They’ll sleep when they’re teenagers right?  Anyway, I have a project this week that, even with lack of sleep, is easy to accomplish. I am all about easy, quick projects these days. Between changing diapers, fetching apple juice, nursing, and trying to keep the house from looking like a bomb went off, my project list is being severely neglected.

I started making over our upstairs bathroom way back here. I had originally thought I was going to go with a boho kind of feel in there, but it has evolved into something entirely different. It all started after I made over this antique cabinet that came with the house.  The black and white tile I chose for the top really inspired me to stick with a simple color scheme.  I added some rustic wood shelves over the toilet, which led to adding some wood frames for my black and white prints, which led to this project. Towel racks.

I needed two towel racks, one near the sink and one near the bathtub. I shopped around, but didn’t really find anything I liked. I knew I wanted to bring in more wood tones, and I have a ton of metal hooks that I’ve found in closets in the house that I wanted to re-purpose. I made a rustic wood coat rack in the entry way and decided to repeat that process, but I wanted to change it up a little bit and add a simple black design to it.

I started by spray painting my metal hooks black so they all matched. While they dried, I also cut down my wood to size.


Next, I used a coffee stain (one part coffee grounds + one part vinegar) and applied it with steel wool until I got the color I desired.


You could skip this next step, but I wanted to add a graphic, black print to my wood. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to draw, but I just grabbed a straight edge and a sharpie and went to town.


I started drawing some lines at different angles and left some negative space for the wood to show through.


I did the same technique to the other, smaller piece of wood, but I went with a little bit different design so that the two towel racks would go together, but not be too matchy. I also measured out where I wanted my hooks and pre-drilled my holes.


Here it is hung up with the freshly painted, black hooks. It’s really, pretty subtle in person, which I like. You could make the lines more heavy for a bolder look.


I just love how they pick up the other hints of black and warm wood tones in the room.


We still have a few things to check off in this room, but things are feeling a lot more finished in here. I love having a plan for a room, but I also like when things come together more organically over time too.

Things left to do:

  • change out the light fixture
  • add the claws back to the tub (if possible)
  • add a shower to the tub
  • add some storage to the sink area








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